Overview – The MACSQuant® Tyto® is revolutionizing cell sorting with high-speed, 10-parameter cell sorting in a fully closed cartridge system, the Tyto cartridge. With its easy “plug and play” format and fully automated laser alignment, this innovative microfluidic flow sorter makes cell sorting accessible to any lab professional. Additionally, the closed Tyto cartridge provides full operator safety and protects the cell sample from contamination.

macsquant_tyto_cartridge_pipette_1_1117_rgb_002Microfluidic chip with world’s fastest valve performs sorting

  1. Provides low stress to cells, high cell viability
  2. Cell throughput up to 200M cells/hour
  3. Disposable cartridge with closed system containing all fluidics
  4. No sheath fluids or aerosols
  5. Keep cells and operator safe with sterile, disposable cartridge
  6. No cleaning or carryover between sorts
  7. 8-color fluorescence-based sorting
  8. 4°C temperature operation
  9. “Walk-away” fluorescent cell sorting

Conventional droplet sorters use hydrodynamic focusing to singularize cells between sheath-fluids under high pressure. After laser detection cells get packed into little droplets when exiting the nozzle. Finally, a charge is applied to the droplets before they are sorted into collection tubes through an electromagnetic field.

It is well known that this process is extremely harsh to cells. Cells are exposed to high pressure, decompression when exiting the nozzle, application of charge and jet-in-air processing and collection, all of which may negatively impact cell viability and function.

In contrast, the MACSQuant® Tyto® uses a truly gentle sorting technology. In the MACSQuant Tyto cartridge, cells approach a micro-valve in a microfluidic channel. In contrast to conventional droplet sorters, cells are not exposed to hydrodynamic focusing so that high pressure can be avoided. After signal detection by three lasers, target cells are simply redirected into the positive or negative collection chamber by the micro-valve. Due to the absence of droplet formation, decompression and charge, this unique sorting mechanism enables the sorting of some of the most sensitive cell types such as granulocytes and stem cells without affecting cell viability and function. The gentle mode of sorting and the fact that both positive and negative cells are preserved within the Tyto cartridge after each sort, easily allows for further sorting of either cell population on a new Tyto cartridge.

The MACSQuant Tyto is easily operated by lab professionals without the need for intensive training. Loading the TytoCard into the instrument proceeds in an intuitive “plug-and-play” fashion.

Sorting on the MACSQuant Tyto happens in four easy steps:

  1. The Tyto cartridge with target cells is loaded into the machine
  2. A pre-defined sort profile is selected for the relevant target cells
  3. User presses ‘Play’ button and the machine automatically initiates the laser alignment routine
  4. Via image recognition, the precise laser interrogation position is determined and the sort process starts

The MACSQuant Tyto is a truly walk-away flow-sorter that eliminates the need for specialized technical expertise during daily operation. Unlike most conventional droplet-sorters, the MACSQuant Tyto offers a fully automated laser alignment function. Due to the absence of droplets, droplet-stream positioning and re-adjustments are no longer needed. Since the entire sorting-process and cell-collection happens only on the Tyto cartridge, there is no fluidic tubing present in the MACSQuant Tyto instrument eliminating maintenance work such as a fluidic-startup and cleaning procedure after the sorting process. These features in combination with the fact that the operator can leave the instrument unattended during the actual sorting process guarantee the most time and thus cost-effective workflows.

For further details refer to the Miltenyi Biotec website: www.miltenyibiotec.com/tyto

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This is the new MACSQuant Tyto disposable cartridge. There are three floating chambers which can be accessed from above to input positive and negative selection. At the bottom of the cartridge is the heart of Tyto sorting system…Watch the Video to Learn More!