Miltenyi Biotec GmBH Biomedical Engineering Division develops instrumentation and novel technologies that open up new avenues for front-line biomedical research and translational medicine.

Their pioneering instruments help in the manipulation and analysis of complex biological processes at a cellular and molecular level. As a result, biomedical researchers have resources at their fingertips that give them deeper insight into the molecular pathways of life and disease. Their groundbreaking platforms in apheresis and cellular therapy bring novel forms of treatment to the fields of oncology, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, immunology, neurology, and infection.

These developments are driven by a profound understanding of biological processes combined with a broad physics and engineering knowledge. They enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams of cell biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, clinicians, and engineers. In this stimulating and cooperative climate we communicate openly with each other, beyond the boundaries of our individual skills. An ongoing and inspiring dialog with leading investigators around the globe means that the needs of biomedical science are always in the forefront of our design and manufacturing processes.

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